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According to the Ministry of Economy, about R$ 434 billion in resources deposited in the accounts of tens of millions of people are at a standstill

José Cruz/Agência BrasilFGTS birthday withdrawal has already had 12.9 million workers joining up to August, with R$ 1.65 billion in redemption

O birthday loot do Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) was created in 2019, but began to be paid effectively in April 2020. The measure instituted by the federal government is intended to inject more money into the economy. About R$ 434 billion in resources deposited in the accounts of tens of millions of people are at a standstill — and could be circulating, especially given the economic recovery after the most critical period of the pandemic in Brazil. Covid-19. According to Ministry of Economy, this option of the FGTS has already had adhesion of 12.9 million workers until August, with R$ 1.65 billion in redemption. From this modality, the worker can withdraw an amount from the account according to the month of birth every year – and can even offer the resource as a guarantee for loans, called benefit anticipation.

Different banks offer different opportunities for the customer who opts for this anticipation and it is up to each person to judge and choose what is more or less advantageous from the point of view of interest rates and amount of installments, according to their own needs. In addition to the installments, an additional amount is available at the chosen rate for withdrawal. THE Young pan highlights some of the top financial institutions that offer the benefit.


The BMG bank, for example, launched the anticipation of the withdrawal-anniversary of the FGTS in recent days. To be eligible, the client must have a balance in the FGTS account, regular CPF with the Federal Revenue and comply with security requirements, such as proof of age and civil capacity. It is possible to anticipate up to five installments, equivalent to five years, fully digitally with interest of 1.99% per month. The feature is available on the account within 18 hours of request. How to make? The client must request the ‘Saque-Aniversario’ option in the official FGTS application, which is managed by Caixa Econômica Federal, through BMG. After selecting the option, the person must remain on the regimen for at least two years. If she is left from the company during this time, she is unable to fully withdraw the available amount and receives only 40% corresponding to the termination fine.

PAN bench

PAN bank is also one of the options of banks that offer the anticipation of this benefit to the worker. A differential is that the money can even be made available to customers who have been denied credit by credit bureaus. The bank authorizes the anticipation of three installments, equivalent to three-year withdrawals, of the anniversary withdrawal from R$ 500 of the benefit. The interest rate is 1.99% per month and the money is made available in the account within one business day. The transaction can be done completely digitally. How to make? The entire operation can be done in the PAN bank application, redirected to Caixa’s website in case you need any prior authorization that has not yet been carried out. As in the previous case, it is necessary to ask the bank to view the ‘Saque-Aniversario’ option of the FGTS.

Bank of Brazil

As in the case of Banco PAN, it is possible to advance up to three installments, referring to three-year withdrawals, with interest starting at 0.99% per month and using the FGTS account balance as collateral. The credit is released after checking and blocking your FGTS account balance through BB. How to make? Contracting can be done through the Banco do Brasil application, internet and branch network, at the customer’s convenience. As with the other options, it is necessary to authorize the transaction by the chosen bank through the FGTS application, managed by Caixa.


Caixa Econômica Federal also has advantages for account holders who want to anticipate the benefit instead of waiting for the month of their birthday. Workers can anticipate up to three withdrawals, referring to the three years they are entitled to. The operation expires on the date of payment of the benefit, and the employee’s FGTS account is debited. The interest rate offered by the bank is one of the lowest in the market, at 1.09% per month, and no credit risk assessment is required. To apply for the benefit, the minimum amount for each installment must be at least R$300. The minimum total loan amount is R$2,000. How to make? The loan is contracted 100% digitally, through the FGTS application, on the Caixa website or through Internet Banking Caixa. At the time of action, the worker must choose Caixa as the authorized financial institution to consult the FGTS. Those who are not yet a customer can apply at any physical branch of the bank.