App deliverers plan strike this Saturday – Prime Time Zone


Groups promise disruption of activities in cities across the country, asking for higher payment rates for services

GABRIEL BASTOS/FUTURA PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENTGroup will meet in various parts of the city of São Paulo

Delivery workers and application workers are planning a stoppage this Saturday, 11. Among the groups’ demands are the increase in fees paid for deliveries and the establishment of a minimum amount to be received for deliveries up to 5 km – with an additional R$ 2 per kilometer traveled. In the metropolitan region of São Paulo, the deliverymen will be concentrated in several points, the main one being in the center of the city of São Paulo, close to Shopping Center 3. There will also be concentration points in Diadem e St Bernard. On social media pages, groups of delivery people are urging users not to place orders for apps to support the outage. This Friday, the 10th, one of the profiles that is supporting the strike released a video in which deliverymen from different countries show their support for the Brazilian movement. Check out the publications: