China suspends economic dialogue with Australia


A China announced on Thursday (6) the suspension of part of its economic cooperation with the Australia, a symbolic move, after last month’s Australian decision to revoke an agreement on the Chinese “Silk Roads” project.

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This attitude by Australia “aims to disrupt normal exchanges and cooperation with China with a mentality of cold war and ideological discrimination,” criticized the powerful Chinese planning agency (NDRC) in a statement.

China has decided to suspend indefinitely the “Sino-Australian Strategic Economic Dialogue” and “all activities” related to the agreement, the statement said.

The Australian government considered China’s decision “disappointing”, but said it remains willing to talk, despite tensions.

The China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue, which Beijing has decided to suspend, is an “important forum for solving problems,” said Dan Tehan, Australian Minister of Commerce, before stressing that it has not met since 2017.