Credit Card: Oh my God .. Credit card use .. Cocaine addiction is the only thing .. Shocking facts are revealed .. – Credit card purchases trigger same chemical reaction in brain as cocaine


Credit Card Purchases: Are you using a credit card .. but you are addicted to cocaine .. yes it is true. Fresh

Credit Card Purchases

Credit Card Purchases: Are you using a credit card .. but you are addicted to cocaine .. yes it is true. A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found the same thing. However, experts say that there are risks to credit card gains. Let us know about them ..

Corona Punyama said digital payments have skyrocketed. Credit cards are increasingly being used by employees in the city. In addition, many public and private banks offer a wide range of credit cards to employees and merchants. With this, the number of credit card holders is increasing whether they need it or not. The survey also found that credit card users are spending heavily whether they need to or not. Because they say that if you fall into that intoxication you will not come out quickly.

A study conducted by MIT has revealed a number of interesting things. It has been found that credit card users generally spend more on card transactions than on cash transactions. Thereby declaring that they were spending more than necessary. Credit card purchases are also said to trigger a reaction in the brain, similar to cocaine. In other words, researchers say credit card use can give the brain a kick similar to cocaine.

Another thing here is that banks and many apps are announcing rewards for using a credit card. Some people are attracted to these and it turns out that they are spending a lot. Professor Drozen Prilek said some people have scanned their credit card and others their brain responses to cash transactions. It found that those who shopped using a credit card were brainwashed. He explained that the move was making them happy.

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