‘Design for the privatization of the Post Office brings a great burden to those who buy’, says Salim Mattar – Prime Time Zone


Former secretary of government Bolsonaro says that Martha Seillier’s probable intention when talking about the ‘cheap’ sale of the state-owned company was to say that the ticket price will be lower due to the conditions imposed.

Reproduction/Ministry of EconomyIn an interview with Prime Time Zone’s Jornal da Manhã, Mattar highlighted that the establishment puts obstacles in the privatization project

Former Secretary of Privatization of the government of Jair Bolsonaro, Salim Mattar, believes that the special secretary of the PPI, Martha Seillier, may have been misinterpreted in your speech about the privatization From post offices. According to him, when saying that the state-owned company would go to auction for a “little value”, Seiller meant that the purchase price will be small given the cost of the acquisition. “What we have before us is the privatization of a monster that has always been too onerous for taxpayers. Brazilian society, throughout life, had an additional bonus because the company was abused by the union, had numerous deviations with political appointments. The secretary Martha Seillier is very competent and is trying, with all her effort, to seek the privatization of the Post Office. The fact is that the design that came out for privatization brings a great burden to the private sector to buy the company. For a start, for 18 months you can’t fire anyone. So, in reality, this ‘sell cheap’ is actually going to cost a lot. What she meant, perhaps, is the following: size is the burden of the Post Office for those who buy, that the ticket price will be lower.”

In an interview with Morning newspaper, gives Young pan, Mattar pointed out that establishment puts obstacles in the privatization project. “The establishment is the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary. They are not in favor of the privatization process, the reduction of the size of the state, because, in a way, if we reduce all of our state companies, privatizing everything, substantially reduces power. And, in the case of state-owned companies, it reduces the mass of maneuver because these companies have been used over the years to provide cash for political parties. So, there is no establishment interest in carrying out privatizations.” For the former secretary, if Brazil pays someone millions to keep the Correios, it would already be a great deal. “The best thing we do is to get rid of it as a state-owned company and transfer it to the private sector, no matter what the price,” he added. Salim Mattar highlighted that Brazilians received a legacy from the left, which assumed power after redemocratization: the Constitution.

For him, the document can be considered a blow to society because we elect deputies and senators who call themselves constituents. “This is a scam. We do not vote for constituents. There was a Constitution made with an absolute conflict of interest. Imagine: we handed over the politicians to make a Constitution and he remains a politician, continues to be re-elected. A constitution has to avoid conflict of interest.” He remembers that in the government sarney, the then Secretary of Finance, Mailson da Nóbrega, had already warned of the risks of the Magna Carta making Brazil ungovernable. “That’s what’s happening right now. We had an elected candidate with 57.7 million votes with a conservative agenda. And this agenda was blocked by the STF and the Legislative. The ‘give-away’ is nothing new these days. Bolsonaro can’t get governor because he doesn’t have a majority in Congress. Our Constitution has already given what it had to do, it has already fulfilled its role. We need a new one, made by people without any conflict of interest”, he concluded.