Economy confirms release of BRL 4.5 billion in Budget 2021


O Ministry of Economy confirmed on Thursday, 22, the release of BRL 4.5 billion in this year’s budget, anticipated yesterday by the president Jair Bolsonaro.

As Broadcast showed, most of the blocked funds are from the Ministry of Education (R$1.6 billion), but the suspension of funds also affected other ministries in a pulverized way: Agriculture (R$80 million), Citizenship (R$ 205 million), Science and Technology (BRL 255 million), Communications (BRL 145 million), Defense (BRL 672 million), Regional Development (BRL 383 million), Economy (BRL 831 million), Infrastructure (BRL $40 million), Justice (R$3 million), Mines and Energy (R$90 million), Presidency (R$36 million), Foreign Affairs (R$143 million), Health (R$26 million) and Tourism ( R$56 million).

According to the Revenue and Expenditure Assessment Report for the 3rd quarter, the economic team’s projection for the Union’s total primary revenues this year went from R$1.752 trillion to R$1.816 trillion. The estimate for net revenue – free of transfers to regional governments – went from R$ 1.433 trillion to R$ 1.476 trillion this year.

On the primary expenses side, the total expenditure forecast in 2021 went from R$ 1.620 trillion to R$ 1.631 trillion. With the revisions to this report, the volume of mandatory spending went from BRL 1.501 trillion to BRL 1.512 trillion, while discretionary spending was maintained at BRL 119,346 billion this year.

The Economy also reduced the estimate of the total primary deficit for 2021 to R$ 155.418 billion. In the bimonthly report published in May, the total leak estimate was R$ 187.683 billion.

The Central Government’s primary result target for this year is a negative balance of up to R$ 247.1 billion. In addition to this goal and the spending ceiling limits, the government is authorized to make other expenditures through extraordinary credits, such as up to R$ 62.8 billion with emergency aid and another R$ 9.98 billion with the new edition of the Emergency Program for the Maintenance of Employment and Income (BEm).

According to the Economy, expenses subject to the spending cap fell from R$1.490 trillion to R$1.473 trillion. With this, there is now a slack of R$ 12.303 billion for the limit of R$ 1.485 trillion in the fiscal rule.

This slack includes savings of R$9.463 billion with the payment of Bolsa Família benefits to beneficiaries receiving emergency aid. Without this item – whose execution is limited by a judgment with the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) -, the space for the ceiling is R$ 2.807 billion.

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