‘Expo Dubai should stimulate exports and investment,’ says Brazil’s commissioner-general – Prime Time Zone


Event starts this Friday, 1st, and is expected to attract US$ 10 billion; General Elias Martins Filho considers that the world fair will be an opportunity to strengthen the country’s image

StockSnap/PixabayAccording to Elias Martins Filho, 191 countries should participate in this edition of Expo Dubai in the next 11 weeks

A Expo Dubai starts this Friday, 1st. The opening of the event, considered the highest ranking of countries in the international community, marks the resumption of business after the advance of the vaccination against Covid-19. Lasting 11 weeks, the meeting will be an opportunity for Brazil to show “what it is doing well” for the sustainable development, explains the general commissioner of Brazil for Expo Dubai 2020 and Apex-Brasil representative, General Elias Martins Filho. “It also brings a strong appeal to business. We will have 11 weeks of event, among which 10 will have events for negotiations, to stimulate the exports and investments for all countries. On November 15th, we will be holding a forum for investments, whose expectations are pretty high. According to specialists, we estimate that we will be able to attract amounts of US$ 10 billion. We have several business opportunities throughout the exhibitions.”

According to Elias Martins Filho, 191 countries should participate in this edition of Expo Dubai, which takes place after the meeting was suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic. Therefore, the expectation is that the world fair will boost economic recovery and return to normality. “We will have the sector of agribusiness strongly presented in two weeks of February and we will have States like São Paulo, Ceará, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Mato Grosso and Amazonas presenting themselves and bringing both business opportunities and companies and cooperatives, which will be bringing products and projects for sustainable development. It is a very diverse range of companies and products that will show how sustainable the Brazilian economy is, how sustainable our agriculture is, strengthening the image and the concept that Brazil is an environmentally conscious and sustainable country.”