Family budget crisis: timed shower and menu change


In the family of application driver Sérgio Rodrigo de Souza, rationing has already started and it was voluntary, after the electricity bill jumped from BRL 90 to BRL 230 from one month to the next. In a constant exercise to close the budget accounts, the solution was to establish a 15-minute limit for the use of the electric shower. After this period, the circuit breaker trips and it’s time to face the cold shower.

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Souza faces a 13-hour workday to support his family, which includes his wife, Yasmin Alves, a servant at UERJ, and his 3-year-old son Bernardo.

With fuel prices soaring this year, arithmetic has become part of race selection. It only accepts longer stretches, as short runs are no longer worth the cost.

High prices were one of the reasons why household consumption, which accounts for around 60% of GDP, stagnated in the second quarter.

An important engine of the economy, it is still 3% below the level at which it was before the pandemic, which contributed to the lower than expected performance of the GDP.