Geo laptops on the market !?


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: It is a known fact that Reliance, which has created a sensation in the domestic telecom sector, has provided the internet at a low price. It has been announced that the new technology will soon bring 5G smartphones as well. It seems that the company is also planning to bring low-cost laptops from Geo recently. It is learned that the manufacturing of these laptops under the name ‘Geo Book’ has also started. If all goes as planned, steps will be taken to bring it to market by May this year, sources said. The new ‘Geo Book’ will work with the Geo operating system. Information that Geo will also work with LTE support. Miguel Nunes, senior product director at Qualcomm Technologies in the past, said laptops with a cellular connection were coming from Geo. For years the issue came up for discussion once again. In addition, it has been reported that Chinese manufacturer Blue Bank has also entered into an agreement for the manufacture of communication technology ‘Geobook’ laptops. The company is already developing 5G Geo smartphones.

It seems that the upcoming ‘Geo Book’ will be powered by Snapdragon 665 processor. It will work with an in-built 4G LTE modem display with 11 nanometer technology. 5GHz WiFi support, Bluetooth, mini HDMI port for videos, Qualcomm audio chips. In addition, it seems to include Geo Meet, Geo Ad Service, Geo Store, Geo Pages in-built. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Expectations are rife in the market that laptops will be as affordable as mobile phones.

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