Gold Price Today (02-02-21): Do you know how much the price of gold has come down since last month ..! – Gold Price Today (02-02-21):


Gold prices plummet in the country after the corona virus boom. Since then, price fluctuations have continued to terrorize gold lovers.

Gold Price Today (02-02-21): Gold prices in the country have plummeted after the corona virus outbreak. Fluctuations in prices have continued to plague gold lovers ever since. But recently the central government has reduced the customs duty on gold in the budget. Experts say this will reduce gold and silver prices. Already Monday gold
The price of silver fell and the price of silver rose.

In this context, the price of 22 carat gold on Tuesday, Rs. 310 and is currently priced at Rs 45,500 per 10 grams. The price per gram is Rs 4,550. The price of Pure Gold has dropped by Rs 320 to Rs 49,640 per 10 grams.

However, many are now wondering whether gold can be bought. According to the latest budget figures, gold prices are falling further. Experts predict that it would be better to wait a few days. In fact gold prices, which had risen sharply during the Kovid period, have been slowly declining since January 6th. On January 6, the 22-carat gold price touched Rs. 48000 if the latest Rs. 45,500. That is a decrease of almost Rs 2500 in the last 25 days. There are still chances of a decline. However, experts said that the price of gold is likely to rise again if gold jewelery purchases increase sharply.

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