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The Government is going to double the maximum support limit, through the Apoiar program, to individual entrepreneurs in sectors that remain closed by law.

The Government decided not only to extend the Apoiar program for companies that remain closed due to the pandemic, but also increase support what’s going to happen, writes Eco.

Bearing in mind that the reopening of bars and clubs, limited to catering rules, since August 1st, continues to significantly harm the economic activities of this sector, the Government decided to double the non-repayable support.

As fun and recreational activities — such as shooting halls, fireworks, light shows, recreational dance clubs, beach infrastructure, exploration of flippers and electronic games or skating rinks and rental of recreational equipment — are not covered for these measures, according to the Público newspaper.

Thus, at the same time that it extends the Apoiar program — which allocates 20% of the revenue shortfall in 2020 compared to 2019 and registered by the tax authorities through the e-Invoice system — until December 31, the executive promises a “liquidity boost” in these companies.

For bars and clubs, support is divided between those who had a loss of income. 25 to 50% and greater than 50% identified by the tax authorities. In the first case, the maximum limit is increased by 27,500 euros for micro-enterprises and 67,500 for small and medium-sized enterprises; in the second, the maximum limit is increased by 41,250 euros for micro-enterprises and by 101,250 euros for small and medium-sized enterprises.

This increase in liquidity, which translates into a doubling of the support already granted, equivalent to the value of the incentive calculated corresponding to the last quarter of 2020, aims to improve the liquidity conditions of companies to meet short-term commitments, contributing to their livelihood during and after the pandemic outbreak”, reads the published ordinance this Tuesday in Diário da República.

The document, signed by the Minister of Economy and Planning and a Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, guarantees the reinforcement of the “extraordinary support for the maintenance of the activity, provided for in the measures and Apoiar + Simple“.

In the remaining sectors, including entertainment and recreational activities, according to the text of the ordinance, “in the case of companies with a drop in turnover of more than 50%, this support can amount to 7,500 euros in the case of ENI without organized accounting, to 41,250 euros in the case of micro-enterprises, or 101,250 euros in the case of eligible small, medium and large enterprises”.

“If the fall is between 25% and 50%, the support can reach 5,000 euros, 27,500 euros or 67,500 euros, respectively”, he adds.

“This measure applies retroactively to approved applications and the adjustment of amounts to be received will be done automatically, thus ensuring a quick operationalization of support”, promises the executive.

According to the three phases of deconfinement announced in the last Council of Ministers, bars and clubs will open their doors in early october, when 85% of the Portuguese population is already fully vaccinated. Customers will, however, have to present the covid-19 digital certificate or a negative test.

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