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Government raises R $ 3.3 billion in auction of 22 airports


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On the first day of the call Infra Week, this Wednesday, 7, the federal government raised 3.3 billion reais in grants with the auction of concession of 22 airports today managed by Infraero. The average goodwill – difference between the minimum values ​​for bids defined by the government and those offered by the winning companies – was 3,822%.

The concessions take place while airlines face difficulties due to the covid-19 pandemic. Measures such as flight restrictions, tourist limitations and the recommendation to avoid travel, in order to reduce contagion with the new coronavirus, resulted in the biggest crisis in the sector in history.

The government considers that it obtained good offers in the auction of this Wednesday. At the end of the process, a Companhia de Participações em Concessões (CCR group) was the one that most acquired assets, when winning the auction of two of the three blocks: the South and the Central, with fixed grant proposal 2,882 billion reais. The company will manage 15 airports over the next 30 years.

They are part of the South Block, the most coveted, the airports of Curitiba (PR), Foz do Iguaçu (PR), Londrina (PR), Bacacheri in Curitiba (PR), Navegantes (SC), Joinville (SC), Pelotas (RS), Uruguaiana (RS) ) and Bagé (RS). The final proposal for these nine assets was 2.128 billion reais. Goodwill of 1,534.36% over the minimum bid, of 130.2 million reais.

CCR disputed the airports in the Southern Block with the Spanish Aena, which already manages six airports in Brazil. The company made the second highest bid, of 1.050 billion reais and with the consortium formed by the fund manager Pátria and the Houston airport.

No Central Block, also now in the hands of CCR, are the airports of Goiânia (GO), Palmas (TO), São Luís (MA), Imperatriz (MA), Teresina (PI) and Petrolina (PE). The winning bid was 754 million reais and the minimum grant was the lowest of the blocks, at 8.146 million reais – the premium reached 9,156.01%.

Inframérica and Socicam also gave offers to the Central Block, but far below what CCR left: 9.787 million and 40.327 million, respectively.

O North Block stayed with the french Vinci Airports, which manages the airport in Salvador and Charles de Gaulle, in Paris, with a final bid of R $ 420 million. Seven airports are part of it: Manaus (AM), Tabatinga (AM), Tefé (AM), Porto Velho (RO), Rio Branco (AC), Cruzeiro do Sul (AC) and Boa Vista (RR). The goodwill was 777.47% over the minimum grant, of R $ 47.865 million.

Next steps

The government hopes to attract up to 10 billion reais in new investments this week. THE Infra Week continues in the next two days, with the auction of the first stretch of the West-East Integration Railway (Fiol), this Thursday, 8th, and five port terminals (one in Pelotas and four in Itaqui), on Friday, 9.

The government’s objective with the concession of the stretch of Fiol, which links Ilhéus to Caetité, in Bahia, is to optimize the process so that the railroad is used as an export corridor for iron ore and grains. Fiol is 537 kilometers long.

Of the five port terminals, four are in the Port of Itaqui, in Maranhão, and one is in Pelotas, in Rio Grande do Sul. The ones that should attract more bids are those from Maranhão, due to the potential for fuels, since they are used for storage of liquid bulk.

See the bids:

South Block:

Minimum bid: R $ 130.2 million

CCR bid (winner): R $ 2.128 billion, goodwill of 1534%

Aena’s Proposal: R $ 1.050 billion

Infrastructure Brasil Holding 12 Proposal (led by Pátria): R $ 300 million

North Block:

Minimum bid: R $ 47.86 million

Da Vinci bid (winner): R $ 420 million, goodwill of 777%

Aero Brasil’s proposal: R $ 50 million

Central Block:

Minimum bid: R $ 8.15 million

CCR bid (winner): R $ 754 million, goodwill of 9,156%

Socicam’s proposal: R $ 40.327 million

Inframérica’s proposal: R $ 9.787 million


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