Government sends 2022 Budget to Congress without adjustment in Bolsa Família


O Jair Bolsonaro government sent to National Congress this tuesday the 2022 budget, year of presidential elections. The piece does not foresee an increase in expenses Family allowance, although the president wants to readjust the average amount of the benefit, which will be renamed Brazil Aid, and that still depends on the approval of deputies and senators.

The Budget was sent without an increase in the Bolsa Família due to lack of space in the spending ceiling — a rule that prevents the Union’s expenditure from growing above the previous year’s inflation. The forecast is to spend R$ 34.7 billion on the program, the same amount this year. This resource is enough to serve 14.7 million families.

As for the minimum wage, the proposal provides for a 6.2% readjustment for next year, which would raise the value to R$ 1,169.

The Budget foresees expenditures of R$ 89.1 billion for precatory (expenses arising from court decisions). The amount was included, despite the government negotiating a way to reduce this amount for 2022. According to the Ministry of Economy, the Budget will be updated when a solution for the court orders is found.