‘Growth is needed to get out of the corona’


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: Rajiv Kumar, vice-chairman, Nitish Aayog, said India needs to grow by 10.5-11 per cent in the 2021-22 financial year. He believes that growth should continue to this extent to overcome the huge side effects caused by the corona epidemic. Participating in a virtual event organized by the National CSR Network, Rajiv Kumar said that the country was not yet ready to control the unpredictable corona epidemic and needed to be prepared to face another epidemic in the future. Rajiv said the economy is likely to shrink by 8 per cent for the current financial year. The economic growth in 2021-22 is estimated at 10.5 per cent, the central bank vestundaga, K Subramanian, chief economic advisor, who had predicted growth of 11 per cent. He said the country’s economy was recovering.

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Prime Time Zone Career 'Growth is needed to get out of the corona'

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