Industrial production drops 0.7% in August, shows IBGE


Among 15 locations surveyed, seven showed a decrease in industrial production in August, compared to July, with a decrease of 0.7% in national production. This is what the Monthly Industrial Survey (PIM Regional), released today (8) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), points out.ebc Industrial production drops 0.7% in August, shows IBGEebc Industrial production drops 0.7% in August, shows IBGE

The biggest drop in the month was registered in Pernambuco (-12%), eliminating part of the 6.1% growth presented in July and exerting a negative influence on the national indicator. According to the research analyst, Bernardo Almeida, the Pernambuco result also puts pressure on the perfumery, soaps, cleaning and personal hygiene products sector, in addition to the sector of other chemical products.

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The second biggest negative influence came from Minas Gerais, with -0.9%, driven by the sectors of automotive vehicles and food. This is the third negative rate in a row, allowing the state’s industry to accumulate a 4.6% loss.

Espírito Santo (-3.7%), the Northeast Region (-3.5%), Mato Grosso (-2.3%) and Rio Grande do Sul (-1. 0%). The state of Goiás (-0.3%) completes the list with a drop in PIM in August.

On the high side, the Amazon grew 7.3%, driven by the performance of the beverage and other transport equipment sectors, recovering part of the 13.2% drop registered in July. The 7.1% increase in Pará interrupts three consecutive months of fall in industrial production, with an accumulated loss of 9.7%. The state was influenced by the good results of the mining and metallurgy sectors.

Also recorded high in August were the states of Santa Catarina (1.9%), Paraná (1.5%), Rio de Janeiro (1.3%), São Paulo (0.4%) and Bahia (0.3% ). Ceará repeated the level of July, with no change.


With this result, six of the locations surveyed by the IBGE were at levels above those recorded in the pre-pandemic period of covid-19, February 2020. Minas Gerais is 10.3% above, in addition to Santa Catarina (4.9%) Paraná (1.8%) Rio de Janeiro (1.4%), Amazonas (1%) and São Paulo (0.1%).

For Almeida, the pandemic still influences the resumption of the industrial sector, with the high costs of raw materials and the lack of supply of inputs.

“There is also a decrease in consumption, with rising inflation, which contributes to reducing the purchasing power of families. All of this impacts the production chain, affecting decision-making by both producers and consumers,” he explained.

In the annual comparison, the national fall was 0.7% and nine of the 15 places surveyed registered a reduction in industrial production. The biggest decrease was in the Northeast Region (-17.2%), followed by Bahia (-13.8%) and Pernambuco (-13.5%). Also fell in relation to August 2020 Pará (-6.2%), Ceará (-5.6%), Goiás (-3.4%), Mato Grosso (-2.1%), Amazonas (-1 .5%) and Rio Grande do Sul (-1.5%).

The highs in this comparison were registered in Paraná (8.7%), Minas Gerais (6.5%), Espírito Santo (6.0%), Santa Catarina (5.8%), Rio de Janeiro (1.4% ) and São Paulo (0.9%). IBGE highlights that August 2021 had 22 business days, one more than August 2020.