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After the agency publishes the rejection of the request, the citizen has 30 days to try to reverse the opinion via internet or telephone

RONALDO SILVA/FUTURA PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENTDespite the ease, the procedure can be time consuming since, currently, there are 193,575 actions to be re-analyzed by the Board

linked to Ministry of Economy, the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) is responsible for paying retirement benefits and other benefits to workers. The agency has the duty to enforce the rights of policyholders of the social Security. According to the legislation, every citizen who contributes to the INSS on a monthly basis is considered insured. Therefore, the insured who has the benefit request denied by the agency has the right to appeal the decision through an administrative appeal.

Between the benefits Guaranteed by the INSS are the payments of pensions due to age, disability, special, of the person with a disability and time of contribution. In addition, the agency must guarantee the insured person who needs pensions for death, especially for the Thalidomide syndrome, especially for leprosy, especially for children with Zika Virus Syndrome, accident assistance, sick pay, confinement assistance, family allowance, maternity allowance, artisanal fisherman Defense Insurance and assistance benefits.

Find out how to appeal if the benefit is denied by the INSS
To appeal the INSS decision, the process is simpler than it seems — but also longer. It is not necessary to call a lawyer, the worker can request the reassessment alone via the internet, but it is necessary to pay attention to the deadlines and requirements of the new process. From the day the agency announces the rejection of the request, the citizen has 30 days to try to reverse the opinion.

After verifying the reason why the application was denied, access the “My INSS” application or website (if you prefer, you can also call the number 135) and file the request for re-examination. Thus, the action will be re-evaluated by other employees of the agency. Despite the ease, the procedure can be slow as, currently, there are 193,575 actions to be analyzed again by the Board. In theory, the INSS must judge and return the opinion to the worker within 85 days, but the latest survey by the Social Security Appeals Council pointed out that the average waiting time for judgment is 267 days. The entire process can be followed via the internet by the applicant.