Kokkarako analsina kodi .. konukkondiro antondi


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: The chicken tribe was dragged until yesterday. The piece did not touch the lump without it. Into a tiffin in the morning, into lunch in the afternoon .. Into dinner at night, they insisted that there should be chicken for any occasion. But now the scene is reversed. Even if there is no bird flu effect on Telugu states, meat lovers do not want chicken, says Baba. With this, Kokkarako Analsina Kodi .. says buy it.

The poultry sector is the first to be affected by any new virus. Corona was coming to eat chicken until yesterday. No, no, they bought the chicken with a check for Corona. At some point, as it turned out, the same people stopped eating chicken with the spread of corona. With this, the poultry sector was hit hard. Again, to make the poultry industry profitable, many leaders have campaigned that eating chicken is not what it used to be. The poultry sector, which is now recovering from the corona due to the bird flu effect, is wrapping up huge losses.

Chicken prices have fallen sharply in 10 states recently. Meat prices declined in Kerala, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Delhi. In Maharashtra, the price of a kilo of chicken has dropped from Rs 82 to Rs 58 in poultry farms. In addition, it fell from Rs 94 to Rs 65 in Gujarat and from Rs 80 to Rs 70 in Tamil Nadu. At the same time, egg prices also fell. In Tamil Nadu, the price of an egg is Rs 5.10 per hen and now it is Rs. Dropped to 4.20. In Haryana, Rs. The price of a hen’s egg at Rs 5.35 is Rs 4.05 and in Pune it is Rs. The price of a hen’s egg fell to Rs 4.50 from Rs 5.30.

1.3 crore chickens and 20 crore eggs are sold daily in our country. That number will increase to 1.5 crore and 28-29 crore during the winter season. But due to the fear of bird flu this winter season, chicken consumption seems to have dropped by 30-40 per cent in the last 4.5 days. Poultry experts predict that chicken prices are likely to fall sharply in the coming days in the wake of rising bird flu cases.