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Meet 6 startups that plan to revolutionize agribusiness


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O Supergro, free online forum held by EXAME in partnership with Hiria, will air this Thursday, 8. Among the nine panels of debate on agribusiness, there will be the Demoday, with a battery of presentations from startups with business plans and models geared to the sector.

In partnership with ACE startups, one of the most important accelerators in Brazil, the objective of the panel is to present the market and investors with new technology solutions and applications. Each of them will have five minutes to show their proposals for innovations. The specialists present will form a panel to ask questions and evaluate each business.

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To better situate the viewer on the day of the event, EXAME prepared a list with a brief summary of each of the invited startups. Check out a little more about the companies that promise to bring news in Superagro.


Develops data processing technology for the rural producer to be more efficient in relation to the needs of the crop. The startup is the main digital agriculture platform in Latin America. Founded in 2014 in the municipality of Itajubá, in the southern region of Minas Gerais, the technology created by the company is already used by companies and farmers in countries such as the United States, Israel and others in Latin America, in addition, of course, in Brazil.


With more than ten years in the market, Agrotools offers large-scale geo-tracking solutions in the field, with more than 100 customers, including big names, such as McDonald’s, Carrefour, JBS, Itaú BBA. The solution allows companies to guarantee good practices in their supply chain.

Through geo-tracking and data crossing technology, developed in São José dos Campos (SP), where Agrotools’ technological core is located, the startup also has insurance and credit solutions, with services for institutions that finance agricultural activities, minimizing risks and “connecting Faria Lima to the countryside”, according to President Sergio Rocha. The startup is present in four countries.


The global provider of risk intelligence for financial services, environmental services and trade finance for institutions linked to agribusiness is led by Isaque Eberhardt, CEO and Co-founder of the company. Eberhardt is a farmer, agricultural technician, agronomist, master in remote sensing at INPE and PhD in engineering at UNB.

Agryo develops technological solutions for the preservation of the environment, in addition to supporting rural credit, in order to increase financial inclusion. One of Agryo’s strengths is to recognize that sustainability is essential for long-term agriculture.


The digital platform DigiFarmz aims to optimize the decision making of soybean producers through tips that help agronomists. The company has more than 1,200 farms as customers. From planting to harvest, the customized tools allow the producer to know which inputs to use and what to do to improve productivity throughout the process.

The use of the service has made production more than double or triple in some cases. The company is also expected to enter wheat and corn crops in the coming months, in addition to credit score options to make customer financing cheaper.


Like Agrosmart, the startup works with the management system to monitor production indicators in livestock. And it expects to grow in the coming years as it sees livestock farming as one of the agribusiness sectors with less onboard technology. The main focus is the monitoring of fattening of cattle by cell phone. Through the platform, it is possible to create records of each animal with data such as dates of vaccination and weight evolution, which are transmitted by sensors installed in earrings placed on each animal.

Founded in 2014 in Joinville, Santa Catarina, JetBov has clients in Paraguay, Angola and Mozambique and has doubled in size in the pandemic. With the growth of agriculture in 2020, the startup believes that business can grow even more.


It offers an automated pest monitoring system in the field. Agricultural companies are increasingly concerned with the economy in the use of chemical pesticides. Therefore, the startup sees a horizon of opportunities in the future.

The company was born in the corridors of the State University of Campinas, between conversations by colleagues Andrei Grespan, Fabricio Soares and Hugo Fernandes on how to use decentralized image processing to monitor crop infestations. It was founded in 2017 and has multinational clients, in addition to monitoring 40,000 hectares in its first harvest.

Confirmed attendance

To represent each of these startups in the Demoday, do Supergro, will be:

  • Mariana Vasconcelos, CEO of Agrosmart
  • Pedro Lanna, Business Development da Agrotools
  • Isaque Eberhardt, co-founder and CEO of Agryo
  • Alexandre Chequim, co-founder and CEO of DigiFarmz Smart Agriculture
  • Xisto Alves de Souza, CEO of JetBov
  • Andrei Grespan, Executive Director of Tarvos

The idea of ​​the online event Supergro emerged after an atypical year of the economy representing one of the best years in exports to the sector. The most relevant forum for sharing knowledge in the sector will highlight the promising future of agriculture and the need to adopt practices that are more sustainable.

Throughout the day, prominent names in the sector will debate the economic development of Brazilian agribusiness, trends, innovations and technology. Check the event’s full schedule and sign up for free!


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