Mega-Sena accumulates and can pay R$ 32 million in the next draw; see the numbers – Young Pan


Quina had 30 winning bets and each of them will receive R$89,150.26; next contest will take place on wednesday 7

Marcelo Camargo/Brazil AgencyGamblers line up at the lottery house. Caixa Econômica Federal draws today (08) the six dozens of the 2,149 contest of the accumulated Mega-Sena, which must pay a prize of R$ 170 million.

A Federal Savings Bank this Saturday, the 3rd, the contest number 2387 of the Mega-Sena, at Espaço Loterias CAIXA, at Tietê Bus Terminal, in São Paulo (SP). No bettor hit the six tens. They were: 38 – 26 – 30 – 08 – 31 – 48. Therefore, the prize has accumulated and the next draw, which will take place on Wednesday, 7 could pay R$ 32 million. The corner had 30 winning bets and each of them will receive R$89,150.26. Another 3,038 people hit the court. Each of them will receive R$ 1,257.00. This was Mega’s third contest this week, which had an extra chance, with draws on Tuesday, 29th, and on Thursday, 1st, in Mega-Holiday Week.