Ministerial changes do not threaten economic policy, says Guedes


The dismemberment of the Ministry of Economy with the creation of a Ministry of Labour does not threaten the heart of economic policy, the minister said on Thursday Paulo Guedes, adding that the change is part of a broader rearrangement that will help to strengthen the government’s support in the Senate.

Guedes stressed that Onyx Lorenzoni, who is expected to leave the command of the General Secretariat of the Presidency to assume the new Labor portfolio, is fully aligned with the government’s economic program and has been involved with the discussion of economic projects since the electoral campaign.

“We built together the proposal of Renda Brasil, basic citizenship income, the idea of ​​the yellow green digital wallet, to create jobs. So Onix is ​​like part of an economic team,” Guedes told reporters after participating in an event at the Ministry of Defence.

“There is an internal reorganization taking place with no threat to the heart of economic policy, zero threat,” said the minister.

Guedes said that an agreement has already been reached for the current Special Secretary for Social Security and Work, Bruno Bianco, to assume what he called the general secretary of the new ministry “to continue the programs that we designed together.”