New Bolsa Família will cost ‘at least’ R$300, says Bolsonaro – Prime Time Zone


According to the president, the proposal is for the social program to be in force in November

MATEUS BONOMI/AGIF – PHOTOGRAPHY AGENCY/ESTADÃO CONTENT – 05/26/2021Bolsonaro also said that he is recovered and in good health after spending five days in hospital in São Paulo

The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, went back to talking about the new family allowance, a program that should centralize the current social projects of the federal government. According to him, the benefit will be at least R$300. The proposal is for the program to be instituted as of November, when the extension of emergency aid ends. “In November we intend to have a new Bolsa Família. The value will be at least R$300. Today the average is R$192, so let’s move that to R$300. It’s a little more than 50% readjustment”, he said in an interview with Rádio Nacional da Amazônia. Previously, minister João Roma has stated to the Young pan that the Ministry of Citizenship was in conversation with Paulo Guedes’ economic team to “get as close as possible” to the value. In addition to talking about the social project, Bolsonaro he also said he is recovered and in good health after spending five days in São Paulo to treat an intestinal obstruction.

“Toh well, 100%, i had an intestinal obstruction that was aggravated by the hiccup attack. Only those who have had hiccups for several days know what this is and I went to São Paulo to undergo surgery. Thank God the condition evolved and the next day he signaled not to undergo the surgery, all due to the stab wound I received in September 2018″, he stated. bothe interview part focused on the government’s actions in Amazon region. The president said thatwho want to guarantee the indians the same rights to do on their land as farmers do on their properties. Thus, according to the agent, there will be more freedom and dignity for the indigenous populations of Brazil. “O The Indian will be able to mine, he can, if he opens a road in his land, he will be able to charge a legal toll. You’ll be able to build small hydroelectric plants, you’ll be able to plant on your land“he concluded. O president also celebrated the advancement of vaccination against Covid-19 across the country, citing that Brazil is one of the five most advanced nations in immunization in the world.

*With information from reporter Fernando Martins