New milestone for railroads promises to unlock R $ 25 billion in investments


The long-awaited approval by Congress of a new railroad operating regime in Brazil has the potential to unlock projects and launch at least R $ 25 billion in investments. They would be railway stretches built from scratch by companies that are interested in connecting new destinations and cheapening the cost of transporting cargo. Estadão / Broadcast raised four routes already discussed between the sector and the government, which may advance if the new legal framework for the railroads is approved by parliamentarians.

The proposal is one of the Executive’s priorities in the Senate. The text allows railways to be built without a competitive process, but through the authorization regime. Today, the operation of the modal by companies needs to go through a bidding process, which results in the concession. This format will continue to exist, and the choice of regime will depend on the business model.

The bill has been under discussion in the Senate since 2018. It is expected that it will be approved in the coming months and will be analyzed by the Chamber.