New rules for auto insurance go into effect this Wednesday; see what changes – Young Pan


Rules benefit application drivers; insurers have up to 180 days to adapt to changes

PixabayNew rules make auto insurance cheaper

hire a safe from car can be cheaper and more flexible with the rules that go into effect this Wednesday, 1st. With the changes, the consumer can now take out a partial policy. In other words, an insurance policy that only covers the front of the vehicle, the mirrors or the windows, and not the entire car. The customer can also choose to exclude some services. It will be possible to opt for coverage for theft or theft and exclude accident insurance from the package, for example. In addition, the policy can now be linked to the individual rather than the vehicle, benefiting application drivers who use rental cars. Insurers have up to 180 days to adapt to changes.

For the lawyer and economist Alessandro Azzoni, the change is positive because it can make insurance cheaper. However, he emphasizes that it is necessary to pay attention to the contract before signing. “This is very positive in terms of attracting the consumer, but it has a negative side. At the time of contracting, the consumer is never concerned with looking at the contract, he is only concerned with the amount he will pay. This can cause a lot of post-accident problem. And in the final part, when there is a claim, he will want coverage and he will not have it because of the contract”, he says. The lawyer also says that, as long as insurers have 180 days to include the new rules, the change should be faster. “I believe that as it is market competition, many insurers will accelerate the process precisely to adapt. Within 30 days it will be possible to start being offered”, he completes.

*With information from reporter Beatriz Manfredini