Recruitment in Hyderabad has increased ..


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: As a result of digitization and automation, employment in the IT sector has been huge. Employment in India grew by a record 33 per cent in February compared to January due to high use of digital technology, according to a report. In February this year, there were 1,925 jobs in all industries combined for the month of January, up from 2,356 in February, according to the Naukri JobSpeaks Index. Naukri Jobs said recruitment activity in key industries was positive for the first time since the corona epidemic outbreak as economic activity across the country improved and markets returned to normal.

Sector-wise, the telecom sector grew by 24 per cent in February, while other key sectors like medical / healthcare grew by 28 per cent, education / teaching by 25 per cent and EMCG by 20 per cent. Meanwhile, the report clarified that the recruitment trend in the insurance sector saw a decline of 1 per cent. By city .. Positive recruitment activity was recorded in six metro cities and Tier 2 cities. Among metros, Bangalore grew by 31 per cent, Hyderabad by 28 per cent and Pune by 24 per cent. Among tier 2 cities, Ahmedabad grew by 31 per cent and Vadodara by 20 per cent.

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