Retail sales rise 1.2% in July and reach a record level – Prime Time Zone


Personal and household items pull the best performance in 21 years; sector accumulates an increase of 6.6% in 2021

KAREN FONTES/ISHOOT/ESTADÃO CONTENTJuly result was the best recorded by the survey started in 2000

As sales in commerce grew 1.2% in July, compared to the previous month, and broke the record of the historical series started 21 years ago. This was the fourth consecutive month of positive rate, informed this Friday, 10, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). No anus, or retail accumulates growth of 6.6%, and in the last twelve months, it grew 5.9%. The quarterly moving average grew 1.1% compared to the quarter ended in June. In the series without seasonal adjustment, retail trade rose 5.7% compared to July 2020, the fifth consecutive positive rate. “Despite the progress, the intra-sector movement of trade is very heterogeneous. Some activities have not yet managed to recover losses in the pandemic, such as office equipment and supplies, which is still 26.7% below the pre-pandemic level, or fuels and lubricants, which is 23.5% below”, says the research manager, Cristiano Santos.

Five of the eight activities surveyed by IBGE registered advances. The sector of personal and household items pulled the good performance, up 19.1%. “We see a trajectory of recovery in this activity, which ends up making great promotions and increasing its gross resale revenue, in a new moment of opening and greater flexibility in social isolation, which generates a greater increase in demand”, says Santos. Fabrics, apparel and footwear (2.8%), office, computer and communication equipment and material (0.6%) also increased in the period. Hypermarkets, supermarkets, food products, beverages and tobacco (0.2%) and pharmaceutical, medical, orthopedic, perfumery and cosmetic articles (0.1%) were stable. On the other hand, the activities that reduced the volume of sales were books, newspapers, magazines and stationery (-5.2%), furniture and household appliances (-1.4%) and fuels and lubricants (-0.3%). In expanded retail trade, which includes vehicles and construction materials, sales volume increased 1.1% in July. The vehicle sector registered an increase of 0.2%, while construction material fell by 2.3%.

In comparison with June, retail trade had positive changes in 19 of the 27 units of the federation, with highlights for the states of Rondônia (17.5%), Santa Catarina (12.5%) and Paraná (11.1%). In the negative field, the biggest falls were in the states of Minas Gerais (-2.1%), Rio Grande do Norte (-1.5%) and Amazonas (-1.5%). In extended retail trade, the positive change in July was followed by 15 units of the federation, the main ones being Santa Catarina (6.7%), Paraná (6.2%) and Mato Grosso do Sul (5.3%). Among the falls, with negative pressure, stand out Maranhão (-2.6%), Rio Grande do Norte (-2.2%) and Sergipe (-2.2%).