Roof space holds new Bolsa Família, says Treasury secretary


the secretary of the National treasure, Jeferson Bittencourt, said on Thursday, 29, that the space in the spending ceiling in 2022 should be between BRL 25 billion and BRL 30 billion, which would entail a reformulation in the program Bolsa Família capable of contemplating 17 million families and an average value of R$300 — as promised by President Jair Bolsonaro.

“This space we are seeing would be compatible with a program of this magnitude,” stated Bittencourt. According to the secretary, the new program is being discussed “respecting all fiscal rules” in the country. “This is our goal, we believe it is the best way,” he said.

The secretary of the Treasury explained that the government recently revised its planned expenditure on personnel and social security, which will also have an impact on the 2022 Budget. “We are going to build the 2022 Budget with a lower base of mandatory expenses,” he said. Therefore, according to the secretary, the space on the ceiling was above the R$ 20 billion to R$ 25 billion that had been projected by the economic team.

Bittencourt avoided commenting on what would be the Bolsa Família PEC cited by President Jair Bolsonaro in an interview the day before yesterday to a radio station. “We must, it is not yet defined, send a PEC to settle the issue of Bolsa Família. If I do not have support from the center parties, Bolsa Família cannot be readjusted now for November, December,” said the president at the time.

The Treasury secretary replied that “putting a specific program in the Constitution is not very traditional” and takes away the flexibility of fiscal policy management. “This is true for Bolsa Família, tax immunities, assistance programs. This is a problem for the Executive and for the Legislative itself, which needs a qualified quorum to make any changes,” he said.