Soybean oil price rises 121% in one year; rice had a 51% readjustment – ​​Prime Time Zone


Protest research showed that almost all food and hygiene items had increased prices

TABA BENEDICTO/ESTADÃO CONTENTInstitute repeats the well-known recommendation for consumers: do research before shopping

Consumers are frightened by the soaring food prices. Every time you go to the market checkout, your purchases get more expensive. Neither the economic downturn, the loss of jobs or the reduction in the value of the emergency aid slowed down the pace of readjustments. A survey by Proteste showed high in almost all food and hygiene items. The champions of the increase are soy oil, which rose 121% in one year; rice, which had a price adjustment of 51%; and beans, with a 39% increase. Bianca Caetano, from Proteste, points out the main reasons for the acceleration of inflation.

“The great demand, the demand, is what caused shortages and a high increase in the sale value of these products. This took place against the backdrop of pandemic, imminence of lockdown where consumers rushed to markets to stock up on items, increased freight costs and harvest problems. These were factors that contributed to the high increase in these items.” The institute repeats the well-known recommendation for consumers: do research before shopping. Another tip is to replace the traditional brands with higher prices for entry brands, which are cheaper.

*With information from reporter Marcelo Mattos