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SpaceX to start selling space Internet in Portugal this year – ZAP


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Elon Musk, CEO da Tesla, SpaceX e Neuralink

Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite constellation of SpaceX already covers the entire national territory and the company’s plan is to start selling to the Portuguese, this year, the so-called space Internet. By the end of 2021, Musk expects to have 16,000 users in Portugal.

“The Portuguese territory is already 100% covered by the network of satellites placed in orbit by the American SpaceX”, announces ANACOM – Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações in a note on its website.

The entity points out that the chairman of ANACOM’s Board of Directors, João Cadete de Matos, met with SpaceX’s “Global Satellite Government Affairs” director, Matt Botwin, on the 4th of March to talk about the “development of the Starlink satellite constellation for providing Internet access ”.

Matt Botwin informed ANACOM that the entire national territory it is already covered by SpaceX’s satellite network and that, therefore, plans are to start selling the space Internet later this year.

The Musk company plans to start marketing “Until the end of June”, link the entity.

The sale will be made through the Space Exploration Technologies Portugal – SXPT, the company that has already been incorporated in our country for this purpose.

SpaceX “will be able to provide Internet access to 50 thousand users in Portugal, 16 thousand users by the end of 2021“, Also points out ANACOM.

Pandemic accelerated rise of satellite Internet

Satellite Internet already exists in Portugal, but the service is “especially dedicated” to “remote areas, with low population density and / or more complex orography ”, as pointed out by an ANACOM report released on Monday, 5 April.

In the document, the entity states that “despite the reduced penetration of this service in Portugal, the number of subscribers grew 78.5% between the fourth quarter of 2018 and the third quarter of 2020 ″.

“Thus, the satellite Internet reached 1200 accesses at the end of 2020, which represents less than 0.3% of total accesses at a fixed location, but translates a growth of 32.4% compared to 2019 ″, adds the entity.

ANACOM also points out that, at the beginning of the second quarter of 2020, after the start of the pandemic, “the service the biggest increase in absolute terms Until now”.

Musk’s Starlink is in the testing phase

Musk’s Starlink is still in the testing phase, but hopes to start selling its satellite service soon.

Currently, the satellite internet service providers in Portugal they are Konnect, Tooway, Onesat, Bigblu, SkyDSL and Vivasat.

In terms of prices, residential offers “Feature installation costs in the amount of up to 150 euros “, but” in some cases, self-installation is possible without applying these costs “, explains ANACOM.

In addition, they also imply “activation costs between 19.9 and 49 euros ”which may vary according to the“ existence or not of a loyalty period and the respective duration ”, as well as“rental costs (between 4.9 and 9.99 euros monthly) or purchase of the equipment ”.

As monthly fees vary between 12.90 and 119.99 euros, according to the conditions of the subscribed offers.

There are also non-residential offers, whose monthly fees vary between 13 and 250 euros. The installation can vary between 13 and 122 euros, while activation can cost between 35 and 85 euros.

Access to the spatial Internet requires the “installation outside a satellite dish of small dimensions and a router“, Explains ANACOM, pointing out that service providers” sell or rent this equipment “.

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