The 2nd phase of adhesion to voluntary measures at TAP ends this Friday


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This Friday, the second and final phase of adhering to voluntary measures for TAP workers ends, after the company has granted another week to employees to analyze the options.

TAP announced on Friday that it would start a “New and last wave” of membership to mutual agreement terminations, pensions and pre-pensions, after registering around 690 adherences to the voluntary labor measures program.

In a message sent to workers on Friday night, to which the Lusa agency had access, the presidents of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, Miguel Frasquilho and Ramiro Sequeira, respectively, took stock of the measures that have been adopted and gave an account of the “next steps” to follow in the scope of the airline’s restructuring.

Company accounts show that the vast majority of these adhesions, 70%, refer to mutual agreement terminations, 14% on part-time work, 8% on retirement, 6% on pre-retirement and the remainder on unpaid leave.

“Today, this program represents a resizing of about 630 jobs, considering part-time workers. The program of voluntary applications to Portugália currently has about 45 applications under analysis. Additionally, the implementation of the measures resulting from the Emergency Agreements signed, will allow up to 750 jobs to be preserved ”, they added.

As a next step, TAP says that it will complete the analysis of the ongoing voluntary processes and identify, “based on the criteria already communicated, namely productivity / absenteeism, experience, contribution, cost and qualifications, the workers with whom it will go. start a new and last wave of membership to terminations by mutual agreement, retirements and pre-retirements, maintaining the same conditions previously offered to all workers ”.

The company also intends to reopen a new and final phase of integration applications in Portugália, the officials said.

TAP states that the voluntary measures program and the emergency agreements entered into with the unions will make it possible to reduce the exits foreseen in the restructuring plan from around 2000 to between 490 and 600 workers.

In an interview with the weekly Expresso, Ramiro Sequeira admitted that his “greatest concern is that TAP survive“And that” everything is being done “to” guarantee the sustainability “of the national carrier.

The executive chairman said he expected a response from the European Commission on the restructuring plan in May, which he believes will not have to be revised, due to the fact that there was no resumption of the expected activity.

“No, not at the moment. We hope that the process finished in May. There is nothing to raise the alert flag or that things don’t go as planned, but the final word is from DG Comp (Directorate-General for European Competition) ”, he told the newspaper.

Asked if, and taking into account that the State returned to have the majority of the capital, it is the Minister of Infrastructure, Pedro Nuno Santos, who makes the decisions, Sequeira answered in the negative.

It is not the minister who runs the company, the minister represents the majority shareholder. We have to keep in mind that the Government took a decision that it might not have taken, which was to save TAP through taxpayers’ money, and that is why it is natural to be concerned, especially at such a critical stage, when the injection of capital and the world remains at a standstill. It is normal for the minister to have interactions with TAP, but TAP has an administration and an executive committee that make the decisions. ”

Regarding this money that saved the airline, the official said that they are “working with the values ​​that are known, about a billion”And that“ there is a state guarantee of 500 million ”and“ interim aid ”of 463 million.