The government is considering vaccinating employees in the tourism sector


Government Georgian Tourism Representatives And this In the field Employees Vaccination Individual The program Offers. Vaccination It is voluntary, However Government, Them who this Offer Will agree Benefits Promises.

Nothing specific has been decided yet, but it is a platform where the list of safe restaurants, hotels, agencies will be published. The facilities where a significant part of the staff will be vaccinated will be considered safe. At this stage, it is not clear what percentage of employees should be vaccinated.

We We were talking, How To do this Procedure Fast And Comfortably, because Tourist Season Already Has arrived. International Tourists Are looking for Countries, where WelcomeHosting Industry It is safe. Georgia right Such country will be And this About All Will find out“, – said today the Minister of Economy Natia Turnava after the meeting with the representatives of the tourism sphere.

According to the Minister, vaccination points will be arranged in the regions, in the immediate vicinity of tourist facilities. Vaccination may be given not only to the staff of this or that facility, but also to their family members. We are talking about three vaccines: “Astrazeneca”, “Sinopharm” and “Sinovak”.

“We can Any Age Category coverWe Today we have two Kind of Vaccine: „Astrazeneca“, which 55 This year up For humans Is Recommended AndSynopharm“ – For young people, 18 year And At the top, alsoSinovaki too“, which soon Will be added to us. Is Conversation additional Doses To mobilize, But neither one in case no Should Let’s wait Other Doses, It will be too late Simply. neither Epidemic Gives us this Allows And neither Business interests“, – Says Tamar Gabunia, Deputy Minister of Health.

Nata Kvachantiradze, President of the Tourism Association, shares the government’s view that tourists are really attracted to information about safe hotels and restaurants.

Private Sector too Follow us, Marketing Campaign will be, Discounts Action If something Other Advantage, On this Together Should Take care“, – Said, in turn, the Minister of Economy.

Shota Burjanadze, the founder of the Association of Restaurateurs, believes that vaccinating employees is good, but insufficient for a pandemic-affected business to recover.

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“If 9 Hours Then Commandant Hours no Removed And WeekendOn Sunday Restaurants again closed Left, Makes sense no more Will have Shrink Employee If No.. He Service Will lose, Existence I can no longer We will be able to“, He says.

Today this Most More It bothers us“, – The general manager of the hotel “Adamo” Maia Makhatadze also confirmed.

Tourism officials say they have also raised the issue with the government, but have not received a specific answer.