The rich want leisure for the post-pandemic and the poor want food, says FGV – Prime Time Zone


Families with earnings above R$ 9,600 want to spend more on travel, restaurants and social activities; households with incomes below R$ 2,100 seek greater consumption of food and purchase of durable goods

State Content/FileThe poorest want to buy more food, clothing and personal care products

A survey conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Economics of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) on expectation of consumption post-pandemic revealed that the wealthier families especially expect to increase consumption of entertainment, food and accommodation services. The poorest want to buy more food, clothing and personal care products. According to the survey, 70% of families with income above R$ 9,600 said they will spend more on travel, restaurants, cinema and social activities. already the nfamily members with income between R$ 4,800 and R$ 9,600 prefer to increase spending on clothes, health and personal care. In addition, 42.9% of respondents who have a family income between R$ 2,100 and R$ 4,800 also indicated a greater desire to spend on travel, restaurants, cinema and social life. while ffamilies with incomes below R$ 2,100 were divided between those who prefer to increase their consumption of food (18.8%) and those with durable goods (18.8%).

The researchers believe that the lower-income bracket is reacting to the squeeze, because in recent months food consumption has decreased, which is a result of high inflation in food prices and a reduction in the value of food. emergency aid from the government. Practically all percentages rose in relation to the January survey, when the vaccination program in Brazil was started. In all, f1,610 consumers were heard in June. The research margin of error is 2 percentage points and the confidence level is 95%.

*With information from reporter Caterina Achutti