Vaartha Online Edition LIC Warning to Business Policyholders


Chance of some people cheating by saying LIC name!


Mumbai: Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), the country’s largest public sector insurer, has recently warned its customers. Alert not to be deceived. LIC has warned customers that there is a chance that some people will cheat by claiming the name.

LIC has warned customers that LIC executives, LIC agents, IRDAI officials and ECI officials may defraud LIC policyholders. Alerted not to be deceived. Twitter‌ revealed this as a platform.

LIC has clarified that policyholders will not be informed of the bonus details of their policy by phone calls. In addition, LIC policymakers are not asked to abandon or discontinue existing policies. In addition LIC also made several suggestions.

Policy details can be updated on the LIC website or at the nearest LIC branch. Also, if someone calls you from LIC, do not talk to them.

“I do not believe anyone who calls and asks me to sort out the policy or let them know that there will be additional bonuses,” she said. Your policy details should not be disclosed to anyone. Or else he might get in trouble.

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