Vehicle sales peaked in December


Maruti sales jump 20%

New Delhi: Automobile companies saw the fruit season Josh in December. Vehicle sales were high last month. Car maker Maruti Suzuki, Toyota Kirloskar, Hyundai and Yamaha saw sales growth last month in the wake of the Corona epidemic. Mahindra & Mahindra sales were not as high as expected.

Maruti sales 1,60,226 units
Maruti Suzuki sales rose 20.2 per cent to 1,60,226 units in December. The company sold 1,33,296 units in the same month last year. The company has released figures to date. Domestic sales grew by 17.8 per cent to 1,46,480 units from 1,24,375 units in the same period last year. Mini cars like the Alto and Espresso grew by 4.4 per cent to 24,927 units. Exports rose 31.4% to 9,938 units. Maruti sold 4,95,897 units in the third quarter (October-December) of the current fiscal. This is an increase of 13.4%.

Disappointment for Mahindra
Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive segment sold 35,187 units in December 2020. It was down 10.3%. The company sold 39,230 units during the same period last year. Vijay Nakra, CEO, Mahindra Automotive Division, said: The farm equipment segment, on the other hand, sold 22,417 units in December 2020. It increased by 25%.

Escort 88% jump
Escorts Ltd.’s agricultural machinery segment grew by 88% in December. It sold 7,733 tractors. The company sold a total of 4,114 tractors during the same period last year.

Angie sales rose 33%
MG Motor India recorded 33% growth with sales of 4,010 units. The company sold a total of 3,021 units during the same period last year. Last month, the company sold 3430 hectares of SUVs, 458 Gloucester SUVs and 122 ZS electric vehicles.

Hyundai 25% growth
In December 2020, the company sold a total of 47,400 vehicles. It rose 25 percent. The company sold 37,953 units during the same period last year. The company sold a total of 48,800 units in November. It was down 3 percent on an annual basis. The company has a market share of 17.1% in December 2020.

3% decline in VCV sales
Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicle (VCV) sales fell 3% to 4,892 vehicles. The company sold 5,042 vehicles in December last year. Sales of Volvo vehicles declined due to lower demand in the domestic market, while sales of its vehicles in foreign markets increased by 23.6%.

Eicher Motors CV sales decline 3% in Dec