With the weight of numbers on his back and dossiers to marinate, Leão is the MEO of the Government – ZAP


Patrícia de Melo Moreira / AFP

Finance Minister João Leão

João Leão is going to deliver this Monday the State Budget proposal for 2022. The government official is treated by MEO – Minister of State and of the Budget – in the corridors of the ministries.

The Minister of State and Finance is treated in the corridors of the ministries by MEOMinister of State and Budget. According to the Expresso, the name is due to the “obsession” of John Lion by the accounts.

When he was one of Mário Centeno’s right-hand men in government, Leão was already known for his meticulous work. Now, and since he took over the Finance portfolio, his characteristics have become evident. And they boil down to the State Budget.

The weekly writes that, while focusing on the management of public accounts, Leão leaves other dossiers to marinate. This is the case of the European capital market supervisor, the ESMA.

The minister was responsible for the European Council of Finance Ministers during the Portuguese presidency of the European Union and had to expedite the appointment of the future president by April. The final list with the three names was ready since November and remained unresolved – the situation was resolved under the command of the Slovenian presidency.

Dossiers like the defaults and guarantees to companies, which could come to cost millions to the public coffers, had as a great face Siza Vieira. already the TAP was nationalized, with Pedro Nuno Santos showing his face for the options.

By the way, two weeks ago, the Minister of Infrastructure criticized the delay in approving the activity plan, the budget and the waiting months for authorizations.

Delays have also been systematic in the world of financial supervision. Expresso gives the example of Hélder Rosalino, who has only just been reappointed as director of Banco de Portugal, two years after his term ended.

At the Brazilian Securities Market Commission, Gabriela Figueiredo Dias his term ended in June and the replacement process has only just begun, with two other management positions to be filled. At the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority, the Vice President, Filipe Serrano, has been out of mandate since the end of 2017.

There were also delays in choosing new names for the administration of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, which means that the ECB has not yet given the green light to Paulo Macedo’s new team.

In the budget issues, also the president of the Public Finance Council, Nazaré Cabral, criticizes João Leão. The official said that it is “bizarre” and “not normal” that there has not been a budget execution decree-law since 2019.

The State Budget proposal for 2022 will be delivered by the Minister of State and Finance to the Assembly of the Republic, this Monday, and will be debated in general on the 26th and 27th of this month.

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