‘A Fazenda 13’: Rico throws coffee away, takes a yoghurt bath and accuses Dynho of aggression – Prime Time Zone


Pedestrians disagreed after the farmer fought with Tati Quebra Barraco after Erika was eliminated

Reproduction/Record/08.10.2021Victor Pecoraro threw a bottle of yogurt at Rico after pawn wasted coffee

The fire in the hay ran wild in “The Farm 13” after Erika was eliminated by the public on Thursday night, 7. The pedestrians changed and had yogurt being thrown on the head, coffee wasted on purpose and a possible trip that could lead to expulsion. Dayane Mello was the first to get rid of elimination and return to headquarters, but was not received with much excitement by most pedestrians, while Tiago, who won a new chance from the public, was received with a party. Rico, Erika’s great friend, was not happy with his partner’s departure from the game and, as usual, slapped his mouth with Tati Breaks Shack. The influencer threw in the face of the singer that Brazil took the Mussunzinho and she countered by saying that the audience also eliminated Erika. They continued exchanging barbs and Rico said he would throw the house coffee away. “For me, it’s not my money,” said Tati.

“Rico, please,” said Dayane, who also asked the pawns to stop the influencer. Bil Araújo e erasmus they tried to take the boat out of the hand of the farmer of the week, but they couldn’t. Dynho Alves he rebelled and went on top of Rico to face the pawn. At that moment, MC Mirella’s boyfriend would have tripped the influencer and the public started to ask for his expulsion from the reality, as this attitude can be considered an aggression. The confusion was general, Bil even managed to take the pot of coffee from Rico’s hand at one point, but he recovered, ran and everything was out. Aline fell while trying to stop the pawn. “You have chest out there, here you have no chest. You’re a man like everyone else, right? You fuckin jerk*”, screamed Dynho as he was restrained by Tiago. “Hit me,” teased Rico. After the fight, the farmer began to say that the funkeiro put his foot down for him to fall and called the production.

The atmosphere in the house was heavy, everyone was recovering from the fight when Victor Pecoraro surprised by catching Rico distracted and throwing an entire bottle of yogurt at his head. The pedestrians roared with laughter. Rico got up and started tossing the things that were on the table at the actor. Gui Araújo started teasing Aline, who is a friend of Rico’s, saying that she was the influencer’s “nanny” and should help him.