‘A Fazenda 13’: Valentina confronts pedestrians who are against Dayane Mello and creates a fight – Prime Time Zone


Former stage assistant of Ratinho argued with Bil Araújo after being called a ‘soap maker’

Reproduction/Record/14.10.2021Valentina asked to be judged for her attitudes and not for her friendships in the house.

Dayane Mello’s return as a farmer did not please most of the workers, but, on the other hand, the model’s achievement was greatly celebrated by Rico, Aline e Valentina. The problem is that Mouse’s former stage assistant felt that the group that wants to see Dayane out of the game didn’t like her attitude of celebrating the model’s victory. When everyone was in the room, Valentina caught the attention of the pedestrians and said: “Don’t judge me for the friendships I have, judge me for my attitudes, because if I see that they are judging me [pelas minhas amizades], I already notice that I come with the foot. I won’t be like Aline, I won’t cry”. Gui Araújo hit the piece and said that it will happen. MC Gui expounded the same opinion as his namesake.

Valentina’s attitude sounded aggressive to some pedestrians. Bil Araújo hit the mouth with the pawn and said that she doesn’t position herself in the game. “I’m a soap maker and I don’t have arguments?”, asked the former member of the “Programa do Ratinho”. The ex-BBB said yes. “So let’s see, until today I had no arguments, until today I had no reason and I only argue when I have a real reason because I’m not unfair”, replied Valentina. “I have [argumentos] about you, because I’m playing,” Bil said. “So come, I deny, come, buddy, I’m not afraid. Is anyone afraid of Bil putting you on the farm?”, asked Rico, Aline and Dayane, and everyone said no. “Me [também] I do not have. It’s no use saying I’m in the crosshairs, that it’s your strategy”, concluded the artist.