A Força do Querer: Sabiá is shot in ambush, and Rubinho becomes ‘owner of the hill’


Morro do Beco will have an unexpected change of command in A Força do Querer. Sabiá (Jonathan Azevedo) will be shot during a surprise operation against trafficking and will eventually be captured by the police. Rubinho (Emilio Dantas), then, will take advantage of the situation to declare himself the new boss of the place in Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera.

In the scenes scheduled to air next Monday (11), Bibi (Juliana Paes) will be walking the streets of the community alongside the drug lord. They will be surprised by an exchange of fire.

The manicurist will be nervous when he finds himself in the middle of the gunfight. “In the fucking war you have to be calm,” says the character of Jonathan Azevedo. In the sequence, he will be shot and fall to the ground. Aurora’s daughter (Elizângela) will despair when she sees her friend injured and unconscious.

Kikito (Marcos Junqueira), however, will drag Bibi and tell her to abandon the big boss. “Rubinho, damn it, I think Sabiá was killed”, will warn the protagonist through the communication radio. “Pass the radio to Kikito and come down and I’ll meet you there”, will send Dedé’s father (João Bravo).

Sabiá (Jonathan Azevedo) will be shot

New “boss”

The ex-waiter will decide to give a message to all residents of the hill using the loudspeaker spread over the streets. “Attention, community. Rubinho speaking. Everyone’s up, who’s in charge now here is me”, he will announce. Bibi will be amazed to hear the information.

Then, the trafficking officials will already be gathered at the top of the favela. “Is everyone there? I want attention, a lot of attention, because these guys are thinking that we are out of command here and there will be an invasion. Paolla Oliveira).

“Second, the joke with the rifle is over. No more rifle left in the favela, I don’t want to see a rifle dropped. I don’t want people without a rifle. Did you go to sleep? Sleep with the rifle. Are you going to bathe? Take a shower with the rifle. Are you going out? Go out with the rifle. This thing is over, I don’t want to see anyone without a rifle “, will continue the character of Emilio Dantas.

“Everyone to your point now. And you can pass on the message: I am in charge. Whoever is not satisfied, hands over the rifle and grinds home,” the successor of Sabiá will mock.

Globo has already recorded the 23 final chapters of Amor de Mãe, but Manuela Dias’ booklet will only be back on air in March after the re-presentation of the “special edition” of A Força do Querer.

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