A reporter is thrilled to tell that she was expelled from college and cleaned up to pay for studies; watch – Prime Time Zone


Valéria Almeida told the ‘Encounter’ that teachers gave her money to use on public transport and that she ate in a hostel for homeless people

Reproduction / Globo / 08.03.2021Valéria Almeida was thrilled to tell her story and recall difficulties to graduate

The journalist Valéria Almeida was touched live at “Meeting”Of this Monday, 8, when telling about the difficulties he faced to be able to graduate from college. “When my mother died, I was already in the fourth grade, so from that year onwards I was supported by my family, but I knew it was a struggle that I would need to do in a very lonely way. I studied, came home and taught my grandmother. She said that if I really wanted to be free I had to study ”, she started news reporter of “É de Casa”.

To be able to enter college it was not easy and when he entered the educational institution he had to fight to pay the tuition. “I spent a lot of time unemployed, I accumulated a lot of debt. I was going to faculty with the money from the ticket my teachers gave me, I ate at the hostel for people on the street and I didn’t tell my grandmother because I made her believe that I was doing it ”, she said. Despite the difficulties, Valéria remained firm because, in addition to her grandmother, she had her aunt as an inspiration and great supporter. The problem is that in the last year of college she was asked to leave the institution. “I had a very large debt, it was six months before I graduated and I was expelled from college because of that debt. I left, worked, cleaned, paid my debt and went back to finish [o curso]”, Concluded the journalist.