A shampoo to call your own: startup innovates with personalized cosmetics


Imagine having a shampoo that would meet all your hair needs. From the thickness of the yarn to your favorite fragrance. Through artificial intelligence, MeuQ created the ideal formula to meet the demands of each consumer who, when answering a questionnaire, can buy shampoos (R $ 69, 250 ml), conditioners (R $ 79, 250 ml) and leave in (R $ 39, 100 ml) that match your locks. In an interview with Casual, Pedro Nunes, co-founder of the startup, tells about the business model and the expansion of the brand that has just completed a year.

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The world of beauty has always been present in Pedro’s life. Son of beauty professional, Wanderley Nunes, founder of the premium salon chain Studio W., Pedro has always been part of the beauty and cosmetics market, although for 12 years he dedicated himself as a racing professional, from Stock Car to Formula 3 .

Empreender has always been in the blood of the paulistano, who was a co-founder of Singu, a startup that offers manicure and pedicure services at home. For the new venture, Nunes combined experience with motivation to launch a business model dedicated to personalizing beauty. Thus, with partner Dimitri Ribeiro, former Avon planner, they officially launched MeuQ in early 2020.