A Vida da Gente: Dora tells Marcos to be embarrassed and get a job


Dora’s (Malu Galli) patience with Marcos (Ângelo Antônio) is getting less and less in A Vida da Gente. After he announces that his travel agency has gone bankrupt, she will make it clear that her partner needs a job to help with the household income. When she sees that Vitória’s ex-husband (Gisele Fróes) isn’t keen on returning to the job market, the social worker will give him a hard time on the Globo telenovela.

In scenes that are scheduled to air from the next 30th, Dora will find her husband in bed, surrounded by newspapers. He will be doing a survey of job vacancies and will say that he was also looking for public notices for public examinations.

“That’s good, Marcos! See how it’s just a matter of looking? If you establish certain methods, you end up finding what interests you”, will encourage the woman

But for the unemployed, it’s not that simple. Marcos will say that he combed the vacancies, made a meticulous search, and still found nothing worthwhile. “For what they’re paying, it’s much better to stay home,” the man will argue.

“Best for whom? Staying at home is out of the question,” snarls Dora. Sofia’s father (Alice Wegmann) will continue to say that he is very qualified for the vacancies and doesn’t want to “go backwards”, but he won’t convince the woman.

“Marcos, somewhere you’re going to have to walk. I don’t know if it’s backwards, forwards, sideways, but standing here you can’t stay. There must be a place for you. Turns out it has to be fast. You you can’t wait for the ideal job. Because the end of the month is here. And you know as well as I do what our situation is,” the head of the family will play for real.

Globo has postponed the premiere of the unprecedented Nos Tempos do Imperador to the second half of this year. The period plot will air on August 9th. In addition to the spoilers, the TV news publishes daily the summary of the six telenovelas that the network reruns due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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