A Vida da Gente: Eva mocks Manuela’s ‘rotten liver’ and takes away Iná


Eva (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) will again stress that Manuela’s (Marjorie Estiano) liver is not in good condition in the last chapters of A Vida da Gente. She, however, will hear little and good from Iná (Nicette Bruno) for mistreating the young woman once more. “Today you have much more serious imperfections”, the retiree will need in the telenovela of the six of Globo.

The shrew made her own daughter’s skull to convince Lúcio (Thiago Lacerda) to choose her as Julia’s (Jesuela Moro) donor. She will even jump with happiness when she discovers that the chef de cuisine had a problem in the operating room and, perhaps, cannot continue with the transplant.

“It’s impressive. All the time I warned that Manuela’s health was fragile, it always has been, but I can’t say anything because I’m the wrong one, the bad one, the slanderer,” complains the antagonist played by Ana Beatriz Nogueira.

“For God’s sake, this isn’t the time! Other than that it’s not about health. They’re closing down there now. It’s possible it’s a matter of anatomy, but let’s cut the conversation short. I came after you because maybe Manuela isn’t can and you need to donate”, will reveal Iná.

“Oh, I see. First you chase me away, then when you see that I’m right, everyone comes after me with their tails wagging. Wait, where are you going? I’m not done. Has it become fashionable for everyone to leave me talking to myself? “, the villain will scold, seeing her mother turn her back on her.

soul defects

Iná won’t mince words to teach Eva a lesson. “Fashion or not, it’s how you’re going to end up. Do you know why? You’re so deeply lonely, you’re so afraid to open up to people,” the fortune teller will fire.

“I’m sorry, Mom, today I’m not for self-help. My conversation now is with the doctors”, will add the van, about to take a tremendous inversion from the veteran:

Your mistake, your conversation is now with me! And even if it’s the last, you’ll listen to me. Since I was little, I noticed this insecurity in you. No matter what I did, nothing could do it. You wanted everything more expensive. Today, I wonder if life giving you an imperfect daughter wasn’t a way she wanted to enlighten you, make you understand that perfection and imperfection are sides of the same coin.

Eva will even make a move to leave, but Nicette Bruno’s character will take her by the arm in the scenes that will be shown this Thursday (5):

“You’ll have to listen to what I have to say. When Manuela was born, she had a problem and she pulled her leg. Okay, but today you have much more serious defects. Defects of the soul. Serious imperfections, but even so, I do. I never rejected you. I never stopped loving you”, concludes Laudelino’s girlfriend (Stênio Garcia).

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