A Vida da Gente: Eva reveals an unhealthy obsession and forces Julia to become ‘mini Ana’


Eva (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) will transfer to Júlia (Jesuela Moro) the unhealthy obsession she has always nurtured for Ana (Fernanda Vasconcellos) in A Vida da Gente. Approached by a scout in the middle of the street, the shrew will discover that she can make a lot of money by transforming her granddaughter into a child model – even if, for that, she has to deceive her favorite daughter on the Globo soap opera.

The van has always seen in Manuela’s sister (Marjorie Estiano) a kind of “hen with golden eggs” in Lícia Manzo’s serials. Before the fateful accident, which left the former athlete in a coma for four years, the villain made a good nest egg with the girl’s success on the tennis courts.

Eva will smile from ear to ear as she realizes that she can also turn Julia into a source of income in the scenes that will be shown on the next 28th. “Excuse me, but are you by any chance the mother of this girl?”, a stranger asked, when he saw her with her granddaughter in the streets of Gramado.

“No, I’m the grandmother. Why?” asked the antagonist played by Ana Beatriz Nogueira. “Sorry to approach it that way, but I work in an advertising agency and I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful your granddaughter is. We’re looking for a girl at that age to star in a yogurt campaign,” the man will reveal.

The viper will be delighted with the possibility of seeing the character of Jesuela Moro stamped on billboards throughout the city. “The biggest coincidence is that this afternoon we’re going to do the camera test to choose the girl. Don’t you want to take your granddaughter?”, the agent will encourage.

Júlia (Jesuela Moro) in A Vida da Gente

grandma’s secret

Julia will not be very interested in the proposal, and Eva will soon go into emotional blackmail. “Didn’t you come here at the newsstand to buy a magazine to cheer up your mother? Imagine just her opening this magazine and finding a picture of her beautiful eating yogurt. Have you ever thought about how proud and happy she would be”, the bruuca will add.

“It’s fine, but I’ll only go if my mother lets me”, will add Iná’s great-granddaughter (Nicette Bruno). “There you are, you can’t tell Ana anything. It has to be a surprise. We pretend we’re going for a walk, but go there and take the pictures. If they choose yours, your mother will even get well again. Will you? “, will insist the bad character.

Globo postponed the premiere of the unprecedented Nos Tempos do Imperador to the second half of this year. The period plot will air on August 9th. In addition to the spoilers, the TV news publishes daily the summary of the six telenovelas that the network reruns due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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