A Vida da Gente: Lourenço begs to take over Celina’s baby and gets laid


Lourenço (Leonardo Medeiros) will beg to take over Celina’s (Leona Cavalli) baby in A Vida da Gente. After refusing to have a child, the writer will ask his ex-wife’s forgiveness and insist, once again, to renew the marriage. But Rodrigo’s uncle (Rafael Cardoso) is going to crash. The doctor will make it clear that she no longer loves him in the six o’clock soap opera on Globo.

Nanda (Maria Eduarda de Carvalho) will meet as an uncle and will make a point of telling her that the pediatrician is pregnant. With the news, the teacher will look for the blonde in scenes that will air from June 18th.

In a cafe, they’ll sit down to talk, and the man won’t be discreet. “And how many months are you pregnant?” Lourenço will ask Celina naturally. The doctor will be embarrassed and respond a little skittishly. “Honestly, how can this concern you?”

“Hey, it concerns me a lot, because I look at you, like that, pregnant and remind me of the child that I should have given you and didn’t give you”, explains the writer. Celina will interrupt him and ask him not to start with the old thing, but Jonas’s brother (Paulo Betti) will insist.

I know it’s no longer fair for me to ask you anything, but even so, I wanted to ask you to forgive me. Gee, you know where I came from, you know my family history. My father. You know I wasn’t wanted, I wasn’t taken care of. Not that this justifies my attitudes…

The character of Leona Cavalli will reassure you and make it clear that you have no more grievances. “Lourenço, please. If you’re here because of this, be at peace. I’ve already forgiven you. Honestly, a long time ago. So much so that I’ve already released myself and moved on. I’m going to have this baby, very happy, from open chest. Got it?”, the health professional will clarify.

“I got it, of course. But I didn’t just want to ask for your forgiveness. I wanted to ask you for a chance. A chance to make everything different. To erase my mistake, the biggest mistake, the biggest mistake I’ve ever committed in my life. was letting you go,” the intellectual will lament.

boring insistence

Lúcio’s friend (Thiago Lacerda) will say that their story ended a long time ago, but the educator will say that for him it seems recent.

It feels like yesterday, it feels like half an hour ago you left my house alone. And I left. I left because the idea of ​​being a father paralyzed me. I thought I wouldn’t be able to. I didn’t think I would be able to move from being the center of the world to prioritizing a child’s needs.

Celina will show that she doesn’t believe that her ex-husband is, in fact, prepared to raise a child, as she knows about Tiago (Kaic Crescente) and the lack of affection in the boy’s life, and even so, she doesn’t do anything.

“It doesn’t exist anymore. What exists is a man, and a woman, who want different things. That’s why we broke up. I want to be a real mother. I want to commit to this to the last root of my hair. And you want to rescue a love that no longer exists”, will observe Celina, who will say goodbye to the man and go away and leave the man devastated.

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