A Vida da Gente: Plucked by Jonas, Cris cries as he leaves Tiago with Lourenço


Chased away by Jonas (Paulo Betti), Cris (Regiane Alves) will be left with nothing in A Vida da Gente. Unable to support herself and her son, the ex-van will turn to Lourenço (Leonardo Medeiros). She will ask him to stay with James (Kaic Crescent). By leaving the boy with his biological father, the blonde will burst into tears in the six o’clock soap opera on Globo.

When caught kissing Matias (Marcello Melo Jr.), Cris will see her husband ask for a divorce and be vindictive. He’ll kick you out of the house with practically nothing on your back.

In the scenes set to air on August 4th, with no way out, the ex-personal trainer will turn to Lourenço to help her. Dejected, she will arrive at the writer’s house with Tiago and the boy’s belongings. Celina’s ex-husband (Leona Cavalli) will realize that the moment is delicate and will suggest that the girl talk to the boy alone.

With care and containing emotion, Cris will explain that from that moment on the boy will live with his father and will be very happy. Worried, James will question where the mother will be.

“That’s right, I still don’t know. But I’m seeing it. That’s exactly why you’d better stay here with him. You’ll get along very well. He likes you a lot”, will explain the perguete.

With the tears in her throat, she will say that she will always visit him. “Despite everything that’s happened, I’m still your mother. I still love you very, very, very much,” Cris will declare, letting the tears flow. “I love you so much too, Mom,” the boy will reciprocate before hugging and kissing her.

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