A Vida da Gente: Summary of the next chapter, Wednesday, August 4


Check out the summary of the next chapter of the rerun of A Vida da Gente, a soap opera of the six on Globo, which airs this Wednesday (4):

Manuela is recommended to do the transplant for Julia, and Daniel explains to all the risks of the surgery. Rodrigo confesses to Lourenço that he fears for the life of his daughter and ex-wife. Eva tries to convince Lucius that Manu is not the ideal person to donate her liver to her granddaughter.

Moema refuses to go back to dating Wilson. Alice is moved by the fact that Cicero and Suzana have gotten back together. Dora ends up with Marcos. Julia says she is happy because Ana and Manu have reconciled. Iná follows her granddaughters to the operating room. Ana and Manu embrace emotionally.

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