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A1 Express Movie Review: ‘A1 Express’ reaches destination .. Sandeep Kishan impressed as a hockey player .. – sundeep kishan and lavanya tripati A1 express telugu movie review


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So far in the movie industry there have been movies based on cricket, rabbi, wrestling, football. But so far no film has come out on the subject of hockey. When

Movie: A1 Express
Cast: Sandeep Kishnan, Lavanya Tripathi, Rao Ramesh, Murali Sharma, Posani Krishnamurali, Priyadarshi, Satya, Rahul Ramakrishna etc.
Directed by: Dennis finds life
Music: Hip Hop Tamil
Producers: TV Vishwaprasad, Daya Vannem, Abhishek Agarwal
Release: March 5, 2021

So far in the movie industry there have been movies based on cricket, rabbi, wrestling, football. But so far no film has come out on the subject of hockey. Young hero Sandeep Kishan has always made a name for himself by acting in different movies. Recently, the hero came forward with the movie “A1 Express”. The hockey-themed movie was released in theaters on March 5. Lavanya Tripathi opposite Sandeep Kishan played the heroine. The film was directed by Dennis Jeevan Kanukola and produced by TV Vishwaprasad, Daya Vannem and Abhishek Agarwal.


Sandeep (Sandeep Kishan) .. His uncle builds a house in Yanam for a girl named Lavanya (Lavanya Tripathi) who is a hockey player. But Sandeep slowly falls in love with her. And while helping her with everything .. Unexpectedly she is a hockey player who knows everything. He is an Indian captain at the under-21 level. But it is understood that he left hockey for unforeseen reasons. However, Sandeep returns to the hockey game with some circumstances. The reason for leaving hockey .. The reasons why I had to come back into the game is this A1 Express movie.

Cast ..

Sandeep Kishan lives up to his role as National Hockey Player Sandeep. Sandeep Kishan’s difficulty for this role can be seen in every scene. Lavanya Tripathi is also impressive as a hockey player. Impressed in the role of Tom Boy. In this movie, after Sandeep Kishan, Murali Sharma is the most mature character. He transcended the role of hockey coach. The character of Marali Sharma in this film shows how much an honest coach loves the game and the ground. Rao Ramesh was the Sports Minister. Rao came to show the fact of how a corrupt politician can be and how to squabble among the people for selfishness. Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi have once again proved themselves as hero friends. Although the length is short .. Both the characters are crucial to the film. As a hero friend Satya laughed in his own style. Mahesh Vitta, Posani Krishnamurali and others acted according to their range of roles.

Analysis ..

Like the movies that have come so far .. the player who loves the game the most .. how he has to give up the game due to some compelling reasons .. even coming into the same game for problem solving .. brought before the eyes of the audience. So far, the opening of ‘A1 Express’ in the Ronnie hockey setting is a plus for this movie in particular. The heroines in the film are giggling and the emotional scenes of the other actors are sure to touch the audience. Friendship is what comes together in this movie after sports. The scenes between Sandeep Kishan, Rahul and Priyadarshi may be trying to say something special about friendship. In terms of the story, everyone from the heroines to the comedians lived up to their roles. But the scenes that appear in Hero Flashback throughout this movie don’t seem to connect as much to the audience. The hero is the only choice in this hockey themed movie .. The reasons why his friends are not selected seem somewhat dramatic. Wanting to build a hospital where there is a hockey field .. Coach-players turning against it .. The challenge is that the ground is yours if you win the match .. The hero who is scared to come back into the game enters the field for this match .. All these seem like very routine things. . Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally while watching a hockey final. The main strength of the film is the hip hop Tamil music. He enlivened some scenes with his own BGM.

Technical Category ..

Plus background music for this movie. The music director provided the music for the Tamil version of Hip Hop. As long as you watch the movie, the illusion of Tamil cinema arises. And Kavin Raja’s photography is OK. The visuals seem to matter. Construction values ​​are good.

Finally .. Sandeep Kishan Acting Good. ‘A1 Express’… Slow here and there .. Reached the destination.

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