Abumani in Genesis, Dudu de Oliveira flees Egypt and ends up in physiotherapy


Newcomer to soap operas, Dudu de Oliveira confessed that it was an adventure to step into the shoes of Abumani in Genesis. The actor did not go through the countless action scenes unscathed and needed some time to recover from one of the most tense moments of the cuxita, in which he will be caught by Teruel (Amaurih Oliveira) while trying to escape from Egypt with Asenate (Letícia Almeida)

The interpreter gave details about the backstage of Record’s biblical novel in a chat with journalists Daniel Farad and Luiza Leão during Novelive promoted by TV news this Thursday night (30).

An adventure, yes, but also a lot of fun. The sequence was quite complicated, I even injured my shoulder and I’m recovering in physiotherapy. I’m already 50% [melhor]. These fight scenes need a lot of focus so we don’t get injured and also to look believable to the viewer.

Oliveira said that he also took muay thai and boxing classes before facing the via-crucis of Abumani, who had to fight to survive the mistreatment of Issad (Ricardo Dantas) when crossing the desert alongside José (Juliano Laham). He, by the way, had even gotten a teaspoon in the last few chapters, in which he left the perrengues aside to play Cupid.

After all, the warrior was the first to realize that the mutual pettiness between the Hebrew and Asenath was actually love:

I’ve done that a lot in high school too, because I was always putting people on each other’s tapes. Also because I took so long to date, to have this place of being the handsome guy in high school. In the 1990s, black beauty was not seen much.

Abumani before arriving in Egypt

heartthrob label

Before becoming an actor, Oliveira even studied Administration and did some work as a model, even without finding himself a leading man:

Today I see beauty in me, yes, and I’m even happy with the heartthrob label. We need to exalt our beauties, because for a long time the black man was marginalized. We have to think we’re cute, interesting and smart, because that’s not going to come from the society that oppresses us. Beauty happens inside.

The serial by Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raphaela Castro also made the actor go through a cathartic process with his own appearance, as he shaved his hair for the first time in his life on stage. “I took the opportunity to leave a lot there and connect with my ancestry”, he pointed out.

For two months, he hid the transformation under caps, caps and hats, and the pandemic made things a little easier due to the mandatory use of masks in public places. “Even my mother didn’t recognize me when I showed her the photo,” he snapped.

He, by the way, hid from his own family that he would make his debut in the biblical production and only revealed the truth around the premiere of the seventh phase. “My mother likes to keep it a secret and I took it from her. I told her slowly, so much so that she didn’t believe it. He was surprised, said: ‘You’re really going to do Genesis, aren’t you wasting me?’ And then she was very emotional”, concludes the artist.

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