Accident, rivalry and suspected betrayal: See what happened at Power Couple Brasil


This Tuesday (13) edition of Power Couple Brasil 5 showed the accident of Matheus Yurley, who dislocated his shoulder during the Men’s Test. JP Mantovani and Li Martins were irritated by Renata Dominguez’s behavior. Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomão commented on the change in attitude of their allies in the game.

Right at the beginning of the program, the audience was able to see the scene of a conversation between Deborah and Bruno. The ex-Ronaldinhas stated that she was shaken by Li and JP’s posture in the last game of discord, in choosing her as a target in the dynamics. “Yesterday you understood that we are alone. That’s why I slept sad,” explained the redhead.

In the dressing room of the Men’s Test, Renata Dominguez advised Mari Matarazzo to control her emotions so as not to harm Matheus in the dynamics. “Don’t disturb Matheus in the test, don’t fight with him, you don’t need to swear,” said the actress.


Despite being excited for the men’s competition, Matheus ended up having an accident after falling off a platform that had been placed in the competition area to complete the day’s challenge. The influencer got injured and needed medical attention. As he dislocated his shoulder, he will have his arm immobilized with a sling.

“I fell badly because I jumped wrong,” Yurley explained in the deposition booth.

suspicion of treason

Deborah unburdened herself in conversation with Leandro Gléria and Renata. The redhead stated that she is suspicious of JP and Li’s approach to Matheus and Mari. Renata’s husband agreed with Bruno’s wife’s comment: “You’re trying to get closer.”

In another scene, Mari confessed that she is also noticing a strange movement on the part of the ex-Rouge. “Li and Deborah are fighting, and the impression I have is that Li wants to get close to me,” said the influencer to Renata.

Georgia Fröhlich was also stressed by Deborah’s behavior. The journalist claimed that the redhead had hidden the amount of her bet to prevent her from seeing. However, Thiago Bertoldo’s girlfriend denied that she had tried to invade the ally’s privacy.

“The only person I saw was Li, Deborah was hiding like that, I didn’t want to see Debora. She bet and hit the tablet to hide, the tablet turned off,” Georgia told Thiago.


Li and JP also appeared complaining about Renata’s attitudes. The singer and the model believe that the climate between them and the actress is related to the last activity Quebra-Power. At the time, the ex-Rouge and her husband chose to take the actress and the publicist out of the Fiction Suite to send them to the perrengue’s room, which has no privileges and has a less comfortable bed.

“For me, she’s either very tense or she’s trying to make us the villains of the story,” Li said in a booth statement.

Check out the best moments of this Tuesday’s edition:

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