Actor supports Covid-19’s CPI copy of Pega Pega’s ending with full chain


João Baldasserini does not forget the countless chapters behind bars in Pega Pega, which gets a “special edition” from next Monday (19). The actor, however, believes that it was worth wearing the prison uniform to give an important lesson about impunity to the public — and he hopes that this “happy ending” will be repeated in Covid-19’s CPI.

The heartthrob remembers that the four crooks at the Carioca Palace snatched much more than the US$ 40 million (R$ 202.8 million) from Pedrinho Guimarães’ (Marcos Caruso) coffers. They stole the show, gained the trust of novelists and became a kind of “headache” for author Claudia Souto.

Despite popular pressure, the screenwriter refused to indulge her “bad favorites” and made them face the rigors of the law. “Thieves were loved, they had charisma, but I thought they had to pay. That was the coolest thing about the soap opera. I hope the CPI [também] put each one in its place”, shoots the artist to the TV news.

A good part of the cast saw the sun rise squarely, but João jokes that Aguinaldo was unlucky to be one of the first to stop at the xilindró. He mainly missed the interaction with his colleagues, who were free, light and loose on the outdoors on Copacabana beach, in the south of Rio de Janeiro.

“I took the block of chapters as soon as I arrived and immediately saw that there were 15 more scenes in jail. The good thing is that I recorded everything on the same day, so I had a lot of fun at that time”, delivers the interpreter.

Agnaldo in his days as a prisoner

triple dose

João has his doubts about whether viewers will once again root for Aguinaldo and his associates to get rid of investigator Antônia (Vanessa Giácomo). “The soap opera returns at this moment when people are questioning what is happening in the country with much more vigor. It has to wait and see”, he considers.

In his third consecutive serial at seven o’clock, after the rerun of Haja Coração (2014) and the “second season” of Salve-se Quem Puder, he believes that Claudia Souto’s text has the potential to seduce an audience tired of reruns. “The story is still very funny. People will have fun”, bets the São Paulo native.

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