Actress from A Usurpadora faced trouble to record the Latin version of O Clone


The protagonist of the new version of A Usurpadora, Sandra Echeverria has a Brazilian challenge in her curriculum. The actress was responsible for playing Jade in the Hispanic-American version of O Clone, shown in the United States in 2010. At the time, the “Latin Giovanna Antonelli” had to perform a real “turn around in the 30s” to learn the dances and expressions of the Arab world.

“The most difficult thing to play Jade is perhaps the dances. I trained for several months, but it was one of the things I enjoyed the most, because I like dancing a lot. [entender] Moroccan culture, all ideals about religion. The Arabic words were also complicated, and we had to work to have the naturalness that the actors had in the original soap opera,” said Sandra in an interview with the Al Rojo Vivo program.

Along with American actor Mauricio Ochmann, the Mexican was chosen by Telemundo, a US broadcaster focused on Latin audiences, to headline the adaptation of Gloria Perez’s plot. The serial follows the same premise as the current rerun of Vale a Pena Ver De Novo, but changes Rio de Janeiro for Miami, Florida.

“When I received the proposal to act in the soap opera, I looked on YouTube for some videos of the plot and I immediately fell in love with the story, by the characters. It seems to be a wonderful and impressive work. Every time I read the scripts, I want to keep reading them”, reported the actress during the beginning of the soap opera’s recordings, in the Sahara Desert.

Backstage, Sandra decided not to use stunt doubles in Jade’s dance scenes: “I’m very proud because I don’t like to show something I’m not. in dance classes”.

“Jade and I look alike because we are very impulsive, very passionate, and i give my life for love. I jump in and believe she’s the same. Her whole world is love, and when she falls in love, she forgets about everything. She doesn’t mind breaking rules, until she loses her family to be with the man she loves,” said the actress.

Check out the interview and trailer for the Latin version of The Clone:

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